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Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Top 5 Facts You Need To Know

From last few weeks we have tons of reports and rumours regarding upcoming Samsung's flagship Galaxy Note 4. With each passing day launch and release date is getting closer enthusiasm regarding  Note 4 is going higher and higher. In so far rumours we have plenty of leaks regarding Specs, Design and Release date.

Last year Samsung released Galaxy Note 3 in September and since its release device emerged as top options for not only Samsung fans but also for Android buyers and since then device remained on top as one of the best device available in the market.
Today we won't be discussing so far leaks again instead we will gather top 5 facts which in my view Samsung fans should know ahead of device release. let's take a look on these facts.

Galaxy Note 4 Design Changes

Samsung is known for changing design of its flagship devices design yearly, and that's why on each flagship release, first question is how device will look and what will be changes from last model. It's not confirmed ahead of launch whether changes will be significant or will be minor. Like changes between S3 and S4 was not huge at all.  On the other hand Galaxy Note 2 and Note 3 were different immensely. Galaxy Note 3 features a faux leather cover for rear side while Note 2 features polycarbonate back.
For this year once again everyone is expecting Samsung will be changing Galaxy Note 4 design hugely. Though it's not confirmed what will be changes but according to leaks device is expected will be featuring Finger print scanner in home button, while edges of device will be of metal.  Other features will include IP67 certification and dust & water resistance.


Its confirmed that Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will be having latest Android 4.4.4 because recently released Galaxy Alpha also have aforementioned version of Android. 
Google will be releasing Android L in fall this year, we know that Google Nexus devices are among the first one in getting latest Software. Other non Nexus Android devices have to wait for at least three months for latest Android version.

5.5-inch iPhone 6 vs Galaxy Note 4

I am sure you must know the fact Apple is also gearing up for launch of its flagship device. From leaks its confirmed that Apple will be releasing two variant, One variant will be of 5.5 inches and we are sure it will be targeting Galaxy Note 4. In coming days on release of iPhone 6 5.5  inches variant we can expect both companies will be trying to attract phablet customers. We have to wait for both devices releases to confirm which device will be winning this race.
On release of both devices it won't be easy for customers which device to buy because Apple's flagship surely will be having more sleek design with high resolution display. 

Deals of Galaxy Note 3

If you are looking to buy Galaxy Note 3, we can assure you it's the best time to buy device because nearly all carriers will be dropping price of Galaxy note 3. You can get device in 220$ on two year contract which is nearly $70 less than usual price tag of 299$. Currently only AT&T is offering Note 4 on aforementioned price tag but we can expect same price tag from other carriers as well.

Android Competition

At the end, we all know that Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will have to face serious opposition from its rivals.  Currently LG's G3 is the best Android option available in the market, device is packed with screen display of 5.5 inches with Quad HD resolution.  Other flagship devices from Google and HTC are also pretty much capable to compete with Galaxy Note 4.  Few Android manufacturers are also gearing up to release their flagship devices in September, So it would be interesting how Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will compete with them.
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  1. None of the handsets you mentioned are even in the same ballpark as the Galaxy Note products.

    Samsung has provided us four years worth of a proven product with the best track record period

    As for the Apple iPhone 6 phablet I can only laugh about that.

    1. Dear you are right non of the device is in same category except LG G3 and iPhone 6 .

      You will accept that currently both HTC's M8 and Nexus 5 is one of the best option available in the market


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