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Samsung Galaxy S6 & Galaxy Note 4 Will Be Featuring Metal Element Design

Well, finally premium metal Samsung Smartphone is already a fact. No doubt many Samsung fans were waiting for a metal Samsung Smartphone, it's like their dream come true. Since launch of Galaxy S5 every one was criticizing Samsung for not releasing metal flagship Smartphone. Nearly, everyone know that purpose of Galaxy Alpha was to take on upcoming Apple's flagship iPhone. But I am sure regardless of why Samsung launched Galaxy Alpha, launch of metal Smartphone marks a new era not only for Samsung customers but also for Samsung as well.  
Today, Once again we have reports suggesting Samsung is working on couple of devices with metal design. First device which is expected with metal design is none other than heavily rumoured Galaxy Note 4. While second device which is expected with metal design is next year flagship Galaxy S6, Though we can't be sure whether sixth gen of Samsung Galaxy Smartphone will be having metal design or not but in Galaxy Note 4 case we are almost sure because we have plenty of reports and early leaks also suggests that indeed next Galaxy Note device will be metal elements in its exterior design.
It's not out of sight fact that reason of less sales of Galaxy S5 was mainly due to love it or hate it strategy of customers, Samsung's earning of GS5 was mainly affected because of plastic design, everyone was expecting a premium GS5 with metal design.
As far as metal case manufacturers are concern, according to latest report Chinese metal case manufacturer can produce up to 1 million of cases in a month, currently all manufacturers with metal design are using these cases. Let's wait and see when Samsung decide whether it will be producing next flagship devices with metal design or not.
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