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The L factor of Google Android L: What Android Fans Need To Know

Google Android operating system is currently most popular OS in the world. There are number of manufacturers who are sending OTA update on release of new updates. Now everyone is looking towards Google, because Google is gearing up for releasing a new update which teaser or developer preview was released few weeks earlier and now everyone is waiting for its final release.

Google already released developer preview of Android L, currently developer preview is only available for Nexus 5 and Nexus 7. Google didn't release developer preview for its Google play edition devices including Galaxy S4 and HTC One. Those users who are currently enjoying developer preview are  also facing bugs and we can expect these bugs will fixed once the final version will be released. For the general user, Android L release will be in fall 2014, most probably in September / October time frame.  
No doubt, One of the positive  note of this update is that Google completely overhaul its Android OS, New UI of Android L is not only featuring more pleasing visuals but also have couple of improvements under the hood. These improvements helps device to run device more faster and smooth. One of the key feature of this update is that it will be more power saving as compare to current Android OS version.

Notification system of Android L is more cleaner than earlier notification systems. During using of Android L it gives user more sort of 3D effect because this update is more focused on visual animations. Notification on lock screen seems are based on right of way based system, because Google claimed that on release Android L is pretty smarter and spontaneous and it will learn how user is using, it will prioritize things on that base. 
For instance if user is watching movie or playing game, Android L notification system will show new notifications on the top so that user won't be interrupted from current state.  New personal unlocking feature of Android L will allow users to bypass the security lock on home screen once user is identified by user. Device can be unlocked by simply voice of user. 
Last but not the least feature of Android L is that it allow users to toggle between home and works apps which is quite amazing for those users who wanted to keep both apps separate.  Once the Android L will be released it will be available for other Nexus  devices immediately. While other users of Android from Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG and couple of other manufacturers users will have to wait to get this update.

We will take a look on when non Nexus users can expect Android L on their devices in our upcoming articles stay connected to know about latest buzz. Do Share your thoughts below.  
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