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Why Samsung Released Galaxy Alpha With Metal Design

Finally, rumours of Galaxy Alpha came to an end because Samsung officially disclosed Galaxy Alpha. Although device is not released with ground breaking Specs in fact we can claim this device as refined mixture of last two Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S3. Initially let's take a look what Samsung is offering in terms of Specs in Galaxy Alpha. Detailed review of device will be published later.

SamsungGalaxy Alpha is featuring a Super AMOLED 4.7 inch display with a screen resolution of 720 pixels. As processor device is having Octa core Exynos 5430 processor with 2GB of RAM, Important to mention that this processor is one of the fastest processor currently available in the market. Rear camera of device is 12 MP while front facing is of 2 MP. Like this year flagship GS5 this device is also having finger print scanner into home button along a heart rate sensor on rear side.
Initially Galaxy Alpha was referred as Galaxy "F" because Samsung internally using this name as codename. It seems this F was for fashion because this device is not improved variant of GS5 but instead it is fashion variant of last two Galaxy Smartphones. Launching time frame of this device is pretty interesting because Samsung released this device ahead of Galaxy Note 4 launch and after flagship GS5. Samsung's launch of this device between its two popular products is exciting because Samsung is not known for taking risks instead Korean giant is known for playing safe.

Now a question surely will arise in your mind, When Samsung has GS5, then why they bothered to release a fashion model of GS4, and why you should buy Galaxy Alpha instead of GS5?

Well answer lies in a fact that according to latest reports Apple will be releasing its flagship iPhone 6 with a large display of 4.7 inches. In last few years mostly Apple users switch because Samsung is offering high end Specs with larger display while Apple was not offering large displays. For this year large display was not a valid reason for iPhone users to switch from Apple to Samsung. In order to counter that Samsung used metal design Galaxy Alpha to counter the Apple's strategy. Now for this year major difference will be price tag for customers, and surely will be decisive factor among Apple's iPhone and Samsung's Galaxy Alpha.

Samsung could reduce its flagship device price tag in order to compete with Apple's iPhone but in the long terms of course it could harm the Samsung Galaxy S series. With releasing of Galaxy Alpha Samsung can now compete with premium design of Apple iPhone. As mentioned earlier though device Specs are not ground breaking but still device is pretty much capable of competing with premium design of Apple iPhone and other manufacturers including HTC.

As far as release is concern, device won't be released on larger scale instead will be exclusive to few markets. launching of Galaxy Alpha in August is to compete with Apple's upcoming iPhone 6.

Let us know in comments section what do you think  regarding Samsung's strategy of competing with Apple's flagship. Is this is the right way for Samsung or not?
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