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Google 7 inch Mysterious Tab Passes FCC: Might Be Nexus 7 LTE Successor

Google's Nexus 8 rumours are swirling for last few months but today a mysterious 7 inches Google tab just visited FCC. Model number of this mysterious 7 inch device is NX74751. If we consider model number NX prefix clearly indicates that this device will be Nexus and Google is mentioned as brand owner of this device. There are fair chances of this device might be the successor model of Nexus 7 LTE, and ahead of its official launch device is passing through certain check-list.
One thing in specs is quite surprising is battery power of this slate mentioned in FCC documentation.  According to FCC document this device will be powered by a 2480mAh battery. it's not easy to understand why Google took a huge backward step as far as battery power of this device is concern. Last year Nexus 7 LTE was powered by a 3950mAh battery, while first Nexus 7 was featuring a bit larger battery of 4325mAh.
At this time we don't have further details regarding this mysterious device. We have plenty of questions which are still not answerable like who will be the manufacturer of this device either Google will continue with Asus or will change manufacturer. If device visit FCC this means we can expect more details regarding the device in coming days. Whether Google will be releasing this device at its annual event or this device will be limelight of annual event. what we know is that 7 inches tab just paid a visit to FCC.

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