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Google HTC Nexus 9: 6 Killer Specs Buyers Need To Know

Google Nexus 9 is expected will be the next Nexus Tab with upcoming Android L on board, and will be released as successor model of Nexus 7 LTE.  Although Nexus 7 is still one of the best Android Tab available in the market  but being one year old, it's not capable of fighting with latest Tabs from Samsung and other companies.
A recent report from Portuguese 4GNews blog suggests that Google's next Nexus tab will be released as HTC Nexus 9. As launch of device is getting closer, most probably in second week of October, To be precise on Oct 8th. Nexus fans are keen to know what killer features HTC Nexus 9 will be having for them. Let's have a look on top 6 killer features of upcoming HTC Nexus 9.


It's almost confirmed that HTC Nexus 9 will be featuring 8.9 inches display but was confirmed whether it will Quad HD display or will be simple 1080 pixels display. According to latest reports Nexus 9 will be having 1080 pixels display resolution. 


Latest reports regarding camera of Nexus 9 backed up the rumors suggesting Google and HTC is working on high end tablet which is replacing last year's Nexus 7 LTE and Nexus 10. According to latest details Nexus 9 will be featuring an 8 MP rear camera while front facing camera will be of 3.1 MP. Main feature of rear camera will be water revolting safety.


Google Nexus 9 is expected will be featuring NVDIA latest Tegra K1 chip-set. In a recent press event, NVDIA suggests that it's Tegra K1 chipset device will be released in third quarter of 2014.  Tegra K1 processor will be having dual core 64 bit architecture. Chip manufacturer claimed that this chip will be very powerful in terms of computing skills and will be energy proficient. 


Initially we have rumours that Nexus 9 will be having 4GB of RAM, but according to latest leaked Antutu benchmark made it clear that Nexus 9 Tegra K1 processor will be paired with 3GB of RAM.  Even though 3GB RAM is enough but still it's a bit letdown for 64 bit chipset. 

Operating System

Google announced next iteration of Android as Android L back in June. Since then developer preview of Android L is available for users of Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 LTE.  Google typically launched its hardware Nexus devices with new Software iteration same is the case with Nexus 9.
Nexus 9 is expected with new Android 5.0 Lion on board. So far both Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 are expected with Android L, it's not confirmed which device will be having upcoming software iteration. From look of things it seems both devices will be having same stock version of Android 5.0. 

Price Tag

Prices of Nexus devices are always low and affordable as compared to other flagship devices available in the market.  Nexus 9 will be facing stiff competition from Apple's flagship iPad Mini. Nexus 9 is expected with metal frame, that's why we can expect a high price tag for device as compared to earlier variants. The best expected price tag for 16GB Nexus 9 will be $450 while 32GB variant is expected with a price tag of $500. 
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