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Google Nexus 6 Vs Nexus 5: Early Look At What to Expect

Although Google is not known for publicizing its upcoming devices, but still Google Nexus devices always create hype and sold out in record numbers. Last year Nexus 5 was pretty owsum not only in terms of design but also because of its high end Specs and low price tag. Google Nexus Smartphones has legacy of high end specs with pocket friendly price tag.
Google Nexus price tag always attract customers who want to buy high end device with stock Android on board. Every time Nexus Smartphones on release gives tough time to Android high end Smartphones from other manufacturers. Nexus 5 is nearly one year old and it's successor model is pretty much on its way. Though initially rumors of Android Silver were swirling suggesting there will be no Nexus for this year but recently Google's officials practically confirmed the launch of successor Nexus in this year.
As launch and release of Nexus 6 is closer, it's perfect time to make a list of what changes Google Nexus buyers / fans can expect from upcoming Nexus 6. Also what will be the key differences between last year Nexus 5 and this year's flagship Nexus 6.

Design & Display

From last two years LG was manufacturing  Nexus Smartphones that's why design is almost similar but this year Nexus is expected from Motorola, so definitely there will be significant changes in terms of design.  Now it's confirmed that this year device will be from Motorola.  
so what you can expect in terms of screen size. So far leaks are mixed because we have plenty of reports suggesting upcoming Nexus 6 will be of 5.2 inches with 1440 x 2560 pixel display while other reports are pointing towards 5.9 inches phablet.  Rear camera of Nexus 6 will be of 13 MP while front facing camera will be of 2.1 MP. if these rumoured Specs are accurate, then for sure device is pretty strong on paper. 
Google introduced Nexus 4 with a soft plastic design along with solid glass on rear panel. While Last year Nexus 5 missed solid glass panel and was packed with unibody soft plastic design. To improve the audio experience of Nexus 5 Google introduced dual Speakers on rear lower border. Nexus 5 was also available in red along with standard black and white edition. 

As far as Nexus 6 design is concern, it's not easy to confirm anything but according to recently leaked photos of Nexus 6 along LG G3 allegedly gives idea of upcoming Nexus 6 design is pretty much similar to Motorola's flagship but we can't be so sure as Google yet to announce it.


Nexus devices are not known for high end cameras, main reason behind is surely the price tag. Nexus 5 was packed with 8 MP camera, Though initially results were not good but soon this problem was solved by a quick patch from Google.  
On the other hand Google Nexus 6 is expected with 13 MP rear camera along with 2.1 MP front facing camera. Recent AnTuTu  also listed the same aforementioned camera Specsof upcoming Nexus Smartphone 

Processor & RAM

As far as processor is concern last year flagship Nexus 5 was supporting Quad code Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor with 2 GB of RAM. For graphics Adreno 320 GPU unit was available.  For this year flagship we have tons of reports regarding hardware Specs of device. As per latest leaks upcoming Nexus 6 is expected will be featuring Qualcomm's upcoming Snapdragon 805 processor with 3GB of RAM.
Though reports suggests 64 bit Architecture requires at least 4 GB of RAM to work properly but that doesn't means it's for sure. Apple's flagship iPhone 6 are working on 64 bit Architecture but have only 1 GB of RAM. 


Google last year's Nexus grey area was battery drainage of Nexus 5. Many Google fans wanted improvement in battery life of Nexus 6, it seems Google also pays attention regarding it by introducing Android L key feature “Project Volta”. Which keeps an eye on how Apps and Games are optimized. Nexus 5 was packed with 2,300 mAh battery but frankly was not enough to fulfil the needs of 5 inches device.
On the other hand Nexus 6 is expected will be packed with a battery not less than 3000 mAh battery. So far only few flagships crossed this limit and Nexus 6 is one of expected device with gigantic battery.
Do Share Your thoughts below regarding upcoming Nexus 6? Would you like to buy Nexus 6 or will stick to last year flagship Nexus 5 ?

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