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Google Nexus 9 Alleged Keyboard Case passes NCC Certification

It's almost confirmed that Google and HTC are working jointly for the Nexus 9.  Recently we have alleged photos of Keyboard cover for the One of the most awaited upcoming Nexus 9. Today once again we have new leaked from VR-Zone, who claimed they have new photos of Keyboard cover which was caught when it passes the NCC certification.

We are confirmed that these photos are with same model which were leaked few days ago.  Model number of this keyboard is UG0B, so without any further delay we can claim with confidence that indeed this keyboard cover will be released with Nexus 9.  Photos of this keyboard are given below.
Though Model number is same but layout of keyboard in above pictures is slightly different from that which was leaked few days ago.  Second Image layout is same as the initial leaked photo.  We can suggests that HTC is working on two variants of Keyboard cover.  Charging mechanism for the Keyboard cover is still in dark.

From look things it seems, Official announcement is just around the corner and Google and HTC hopefully will be revealing about Nexus tab in few weeks.
 Source: Chinese VR-Zone

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