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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs Apple iPhone 6 Plus : Which One To Be Choose

Both Samsung & Apple  few days earlier took the stage and announced their flagship models for this year. Apple announced two flagship devices, First device is iPhone 6 and second was iPhone 6 plus with a gigantic display.  On the other hand Samsung announced the fourth iteration of its Galaxy Note series.  Apple iPhone 6 Plus and Galaxy Note 4 both will be released in few days.  As both Galaxy Note 4 and iPhone 6 plus are of same genre, So we can expect both devices will be head to head on their release.  
Apple is known for its high end build quality but from last few years Apple was facing stiff competition from its rivalries especially because of its display. Android flagship devices nearly all have display around 5 inches while Apple stick to around 4 inches display. Now it seems those days are over when Apple was competed because of display, As Apple launched its first phablet iPhone 6 plus.  Today we will take a look on key differences among the same genre devices, So that buyers can decide which device they should choose and why?   

Screen Size:

Though both devices featured a gigantic display but Galaxy Note 4 display screen is a bit larger,  Though iPhone 6 Plus screen size is smaller but still device is nearly 3 % longer than its competitor.  Width of both devices is nearly same,  but in terms of slim design Galaxy Note 4 lacks by 13 %.   iPhone 6 plus is 13 % thinner than Galaxy Note 4 .

Display Size & Resolution
As both Apple iPhone 6 plus and Galaxy Note 4 are of same genre phablet.  Apple iPhone 6 features a 5.5 inches display with 1080 pixels display while Galaxy Note 4 features 5.7 display with 2K screen resolution.
Apple iPhone 6 plus becomes the first Apple device to feature 1080 pixels display, while latest iPhone 6 is featuring 750 pixels display. If you are looking for a better screen resolution device, Samsung beats Apple by more than 78 %. Which is huge significant different. Samsung Note 4 is featuring Quad HD display of 2K resolution.  Though 1080 pixels is sharp enough for many buyers but for watching movies and playing games 2K is going to be more sharper.  

Build Quality

Apple is known for high end build quality, In this contest Apple 6 plus clearly wins because  of its Aluminium uni-body design, Apple took design cues of iPhone 6 plus from its iPod Touch.  On the other hand Samsung also done a great job, Galaxy Note 4 design is featuring a metal band around the edges of display while on rear side comfortable faux leather cover. Metal band around the edges was missed in earlier model of Galaxy Note 4.

Processor & RAM

On paper Apple's dual core 64 bit A8 processor looks powerful, but it's too early to predict unless the both devices releases. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 LTE variant is featuring Snapdragon 805 processor  while HSPA version will be featuring Samsung's own Exynos 5433 chip-set. Apple didn't revealed about RAM of iPhone 6 plus so it's too early to predict but Galaxy Note 4 is featuring 3GB of RAM. On iPhone 6 plus expected RAM is 2 GB.


Samsung  Galaxy Note 4 is featuring rear camera of 16 MP while front facing camera of the device is 3.7 MP.  Apple's device is featuring rear camera of 8MP while front facing camera id of 1.2 MP.  A good thing is that both devices camera have OIS (optical image stabilization) feature.  Which device will be good in terms of camera, we have to wait for releases of both device to know about actual capability of camera.


Many specs in both devices are common, but the major difference among the two devices is Samsung's typical S pen Stylus. I am sure Apple buyers surely will miss this feature of Stylus.  For Note 4 Samsung claimed that they nearly double the pressure sensitivity of S pen Stylus.


One thing on release of iPhone 6 plus was surprising that tech giant Apple didn't added feature of multi-tasking in its phablet device. Samsung Galaxy Note series is offering this feature from last couple of years. Though Samsung Multi-tasking feature is quite handy but unfortunately it's compatible with only few apps.

Fingerprint sensor

Both devices features finger print scanner, but in terms of usability Apple's  TouchID takes lead.  For using Touch ID, user have to put finger on home screen for few second while on Galaxy Note 4 user will have to swipe their finger on home screen. Sometimes user have to do it couple of times before device registers it.  


Galaxy Note 4 weighs 176 grams while Apple iPhone 6 weights 172 grams, So over all Galaxy Note 4 is just 2 % heavier than iPhone 6 plus.

Samsung's Galaxy Note 4 will be featuring 3220 mAh battery while iPhone 6 plus battery specification is not public yet, we have to wait for official release of device to know the power of the battery.

Operating System Software

Apple iPhone 6 plus is powered by iOS 8 software, and will get apple support for 3 years, Most prominent change for this year is that Apple allows third party keyboard.  Galaxy Note 4 is powered by latest Android 4.4 KitKat, and will be updated once Android L will be official. 


Apple iPhone 6 plus is available in four memory options starting from 16GB included 32GB, 64 GB and 128GB.  Galaxy Note 4 is available in 32 and 64GB option. Apple device didn't support MicroSD card while Galaxy Note 4 supports Micro-SD card. 
Apple iPhone 6 plus is available in three colours golden, silver and Space gray while Galaxy Note 4 is announced with four colours including white, black, pink and golden. Samsung Note 4 wins here because of one extra colour.

Release Date
Both devices will be selling like hot cakes, In fact Apple set record pre-orders for its iPhone 6 plus. iPhone 6 plus release will be alongside on Sep 19th.  Samsung yet to announce about release date of Galaxy Note 4, As per latest leaks Samsung will be releasing Note 4 on Oct 10 2014.  

Price Tag

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 price is not official yet but device is expected will be released with a price tag of $700 as per last two Note devices. Apple set $750 for iPhone 6 plus. On contract both devices will be available for $300 in US. 

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