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Samsung Galaxy S6 Rendered Next To Earlier Galaxy S Smartphones

Though launch and release of Samsung Galaxy S6 is nearly five months away but it will not stop builders to render the concept of upcoming GS6. Recently Tobias Hornof has rendered a very beautiful concept of GS6. Though concept is pretty amazing but good thing is that he not only rendered it but also compared it with all others Galaxy S series Smartphones, from the first GS1 to GS5.

According to concept builder upcoming device is more rectangular than its descendant that's why looks even bigger than last year Galaxy S device. As far as Specs are concern, it's nearly impossible to claim the Specs of upcoming GS6. let's have a look on design of Tobias.

Tobias expects upcoming GS6 will be featuring a slim bezel while rear camera is of squarer type with a single flash light. Let me remind you GS6 is expected with pulse sensor that's why concept builder also added that on rear side along with camera.  Both Camera and Pulse sensor are side by side, this might make users touch the camera by mistake while using pulse sensor.

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