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What to expect from Samsung AT IFA 2014

IFA 2014 is just around the corner, Couple of days left for the one of the biggest and most anticipated tech event of the year. Tech gadgets and journalist from around the globe are gathered to be a part of this tech event. IFA event 2014 will be held in Berlin and event will start from September 3rd. 
Before the event kick-off everyone is keen to know what to expect from upcoming IFA Berlin 2014. As usual during this event, Many Top tech giants will be launching their new products by taking advantage of hype created by IFA event. Today we will take a look of top tech giants who are getting ready to launch their products at IFA Berlin. Initially we will discuss Samsung only, other companies products plans will be discussed in upcoming articles.


I am sure many of you already know that Samsung biggest launch at IFA event will be of Galaxy Note 4. As usual Galaxy Note 4 will be revealed at Samsung's unpacked event. From so far leaks and rumours, One thing is sure Galaxy Note 4 will be a beast not only because of its Specs but also because of its design. Though Galaxy Note 4 will be show stopper but it won't be the only device expected at the unpacked event.
Samsung will be releasing couple of other gadgets too. Second gadget after Galaxy Note 4 will be a new Smart watch, rumours suggests device will be released as Galaxy Gear Solo. One of the prominent feature expected in this Smart watch will be SIM card Slot which was not available in so far Samsung's Gear. Having SIM card slot in Gear Solo will allow users to make phone calls and they can also connect their devices with internet without Smartphone.

Price tag of this Gear surely will be high, as it's one of its kind. Interestingly we have leaks suggesting Samsung might be introducing Google Glass rival as well.  This device is so far leaks is dubbed as Gear VR. Though we are not confirmed whether this device will be publically unveiled at the event or not. So far we have only leaked photos of aforementioned gadget but launching and release of device is still a mystery. Mystery will be solved once the event begin.  
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