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Google Started Rolling Out Android 5.0 Material Design Update For Play Store

Google Android 5.0 final version release is just around the corner because Google started rolling out latest update for Google play store. Currently update is not fully available for users but will be available for the normal users by the end of the next week. Finally, Material Design User Interface will be available soon.
New material design is featuring a new flatter icon User Interface. Google started changes on the content pages of its play store with new design. It looks like Google wanted to make its Google play store sharper and we must say Google has achieved this goal. As I mentioned above your device Google Play store might not be fully updated yet but I am sure it’s on the way and you can expect in few days.
There are many prominent changes in Android 5.0 version of play store, Color scheme in new UI is quite solid and now extended to section bar below.  First prominent change is Google changed the main icon of its play store. Shopping bag in new play store is grey and is of larger size. New material design gives a papery feel overall. Second prominent change is What’s new section of play stores is now shifted to the top.  

Well if you want to see the new look of Google Play Store, we have few photos for you. Do Share if you like these photos.

 source: AndroidCentral
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