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Android L Will Solve The Battery Drainage Issue On The Nexus 5

If you are Nexus 5 user, I am sure your biggest complaint will be battery drainage issue because of Nexus 5 camera. The main reason behind this problem is that mm-qcamera-daemon process is necessary to run the camera application got stuck occasionally. When mm-qcamera-daemon stuck it runs the GPU continuously and as a result battery drains.
Google releases few updates to solve this mm-qcamera-daemon process stuck issue but problem is still around. One of the Google project manager blamed Skype application for this issue, He said that latest update of Skype for Android rivet up the why mm-qcamera-daemon process. Although so far Google released four updates to Android KitKat but still many Nexus 5 users are facing rapid drainage of battery.  
Now it looks this won’t be a problem anymore because Google now listed this issue in its AOSP tracker as an upcoming release. This means for sure Google will be addressing this issue in its upcoming Android L release. Android L launch is expected in first week of November. Stay connected to know more your favorite gadgets.

source: AOSP   
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