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Apple iPhone 6 Plus Hands on Review

Apple launched a 5.5 inches gigantic display iPhone 6 Plus. I am sure before launch of iPhone 6 plus everyone expects large screen Smartphone from Apple must be joke. But we all know that Apple is not any more Steve Job’s instead it’s now own by Tim Cook. Since last year Apple is doing experiments. In 2013 they launched iPhone 5c with (plastic design) and iPhone 5S, for this year they launched flagship iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus (phablet version). 
We all know that iPhone 6 plus dimensions are large but when you hold device in your hand, you surely will feel how this device is indescribably large. Everyone knows that iPhone 6 plus is larger than Galaxy Note 3, but one thing I must say is that device feels uneven because of less width of its display.  
IPhone 6 plus is first device from Apple which is Full HD while the second variant iPhone 6 is featuring a 4.7 inches display with a screen resolution of 1334 x 750. Top and side Bezel of iPhone 6 plus is same like iPhone 6 but the bottom bezel is to some extent bigger. Users can use iPhone 6 plus with one hand because of its thin and low bezel design.
As far as design is concern, both devices have nearly same design, but there are two major differences in both devices. First difference is iPhone 6 plus is featuring OIS (optical image stabilization) which surely will enhance the video capability of Plus variant. Second difference is that display of device rotates automatically either device moves sideways.
One of the major issue with Aluminium design of iPhone 6 Plus is that device can bend with a little force. The main reason of this problem is that Aluminium is soft and flexible metal. Wait a second, bend issue doesn't means you can bend iPhone 6 Plus with bare hands after all aluminium is still a metal.  As far as camera is concern, Apple iPhone 6 plus is also featuring 8 MP camera but with a new improved curvature. OIS feature is advantageous feature in plus variant.
 Apple iPhone 6 Plus is first device from Apple in phablet niche and surely Apple needs to improve certain things in order to make this device a strong competitor to Samsung’s flagship Galaxy Note series.  Do Share your thoughts below which device would you like to buy either Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 or Apple’s flagship iPhone 6 Plus.  
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