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Google Nexus 6 Pre-order Will Kicks Off From October 29th

Google launched Nexus 6 on Oct 15th, since then now one knows when device will be released and when pre-orders for Nexus 6 will kick-off. Today we have authentic news regarding when much awaited Motorola Nexus 6 pre-order will start. Nexus 6 pre-order will start from Oct 29th. Yes it’s coming Wednesday when you can buy Nexus 6 by start up to Google Play Store.
I am sure you must be excited because so far it’s the only announcement regarding the pre-order date for the Nexus 6. Only pre-order will commence from Oct 29th then buyers have to wait for couple of days for delivery. Google fans are very keen to buy this device that’s why Nexus 6 demand is pretty high and even pre-order news is swirling like rumours.  
No doubt, Google Nexus 6 is one of the most awaited Smartphone of this year and I must say it didn't disappointed majority customers. That’s surely one of the reason why still Google Nexus fans wanted to know more details regarding price, Specs and release date of device even after one week of the launch.
This year Google didn't announce its devices in a formal event instead launched devices by simply a blog post regarding the Nexus 6. As far as shipping date is concern Nov 12th is swirling as a shipping day for Nexus 6 but so far it’s not official.  If you want to take a look on what this year Nexus 6 is offering click the link below.  
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