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Google Nexus 6 Takes Shape Passes FCC Certification: Release Inching Closer

Google Nexus 6 alleged release date October 29th is getting closer and closer and today Nexus 6 passed another hurdle and got FCC approval ahead of its official release. Recently Nexus players pre-orders delayed because device didn't approved by FCC but in Nexus 6 Google got approval couple of days ahead of release.

The FCC listing shows two variants of Nexus passed the FCC, First variant label is IHDT56QD1 while second variant label is IHDT56QD2. But it seems like first variant is XT1100 which was initial variant of international model while second device passed FCC is XT1103 which is model for North America. Although FCC listing didn’t claim devices as Nexus 6 but listing mentioned Motorola as manufacturer and dimension of device is same like recently launched Nexus 6, so it’s pretty easy to claim aforementioned devices as Nexus 6.

The North American XT1103 is featuring a solid wireless bands. For Sprint and Verizon it is including CDMA while for T- Mobile and AT&T it is including GSM. Strangely the international variant of Nexus 6 is featuring usual bands for a Smartphone. LTE bands of international model only helps is couple of regions including China and South Korea.

Google Nexus 6 Specs sheet shows that LTE bands of international device will be supporting more bands. The North American variant is also missing couple of LTE bands from FCC listing. So far October 29th looks pre solid date for pre-orders of Nexus 6.

Source: FCC 1 & 2 
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