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Google Nexus 9 Not Meant To Be Apple iPad Air 2 Killer

Well, Google Nexus 9 design head made few things clear in his recent interview with Engadget. He made it clear that Google didn’t planned to direct the Nexus 9 against Apple’s latest iPadAir 2. In fact he stated that Google was not concerned about Apple’s slate, which seems somewhat not true. Nexus 9 design head Mr. Villarreal, also stated that Google Nexus 9 is not for battle against anyone, instead device is released to inspire the other Android manufacturer to build a beautiful and sleek tab for Android buyers.

Google hardware devices always helps developers to build apps for a perfect allusion device and also Google to release latest Android versions. Nexus devices also shows others manufacturers how they can build a high quality hardware device with an affordable price tag.

We must admit that this year Google changed its strategy because Nexus 6 is not budget friendly affordable flagship Smartphone, but released as high end Smartphone with high price tag same like other flagship Smartphones from other manufacturers.  

On the other hand Nexus 9 is still a budget friendly choice because 32GB non LTE variant of Nexus 9 is available for only $399. Apple iPad Air first gen is also available with same price tag. Nexus 9 is pretty powerful because of its latest Nvidia Tegra K1 processor.

Mr. Villarreal also answered the question why Google and HTC joined for this year Nexus slate. He said “We saw the One and really liked how their designs were very simple, focused on usability and removed things that didn't need to be there. [...] They have nice craft and precision details and materials”.

The Nexus 9 Non- LTE will be hitting shelves on November 3rd while LTE version release will be on November 12th

source: Engadget
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