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Google Nexus 9 Release Date, Specs & Price: EveryThing You Need To Know

Well for Nexus devices we must say a new rumour for a new day and today’s rumour is not regarding upcoming flagship Smartphone but instead about upcoming Nexus tablet.  According to recent tweets from well-known leakster @upleaks HTC T1 initially will be released in USA and Japan. Second tweet suggests that Amazon will be among the carriers offering LTE variant of T1. T1 is not final name instead it’s same like earlier dubbed name Flounder and Volantis.
Nearly all reports are pointing towards release of HTC Nexus 9 will be in first week of November. Let’s have a look on Specs sheet of upcoming Nexus 9 and what we know so far regarding the device.  Official name of device is still in dark but device is expected with Nvidia Tegra 64 bit processor with 3 GB of RAM. As operating system device will be running latest Android L.  Google launched 8 GB variant of Nexus 7 but dropped it last year on release of Nexus 7 LTE. So we can expect this year Nexus 9 minimum native storage variant will be of 32 GB. Larger variants might include 128 GB as well.  
A recent report from Android Headline also suggests that UK O2 carrier is also gearing for release of Nexus 9 in November. Retail price of O2 for Nexus 9 is £460 which seems quite expensive as compared to earlier Nexus tablets. Google sold 32GB variant of Nexus 10 for £280. So far O2 sold most expensive variants of Nexus tablets, that’s why we can expect Nexus 10 from O2 will be LTE and with at least 64 GB native storage.

As far as price of basic variant of Nexus 9 is concerned, I am sure it will be around £350.  Google Nexus hardware devices are famous because of high end Specs and low price tag and every Nexus device gain success because of low price. If Google again wanted to repeat the success track then they should keep the price tag low.

So far Google usually sell Nexus device in US from play store and Electronic retailers like Best Buy. Rumours regarding the carriers is clear indication of launch and release of Nexus 9 is getting closer. Do Share your thoughts below.

Source: HTC Source

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