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Google Nexus X (Nexus 6) Specs Revealed By Geek Benchmark

No doubt this year October is a month of gadgets because Google will be announcing two flagships devices one will be Nexus 6 Aka Nexus X, Other will be HTC Nexus 9. HTC Nexus 9 benchmark revealed few and yesterday we have news device also passed FCC certification which is clear indication of the indeed launch of Nexus 9 is just around the corner. Well, today what we have got is pretty interesting for many of you because today we have got benchmark test of much anticipated and awaited Nexus 6.  Google has a tradition of launching Nexus Smartphone since Nexus 4, that’s why we can expect Nexus 6 in October as well.

Nexus 6 is also known as Motorola “Shamu”. As expected device shows wild results on recent Benchmark test and beat nearly everyone except the Apple’s latest flagships. Latest rumors are accurate because benchmark also shows Nexus 6 with 5.9 inches display. Device will be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 805 processor with 3 GB of RAM. Though Benchmark didn’t suggests Quad HD display but results shows indeed display is Quad HD.

What matters most is either Nexus 6 is Quad HD or not but still its scores are pretty impressive. According to Geek Benchmark device is on top of all Android Smartphones excluding Galaxy Note 4. Recent benchmark tests of Galaxy Note 4 are pretty and are pretty much comparable to Google’s flagship.

Let us know in comments section what are your thoughts regarding recent Nexus 6 benchmark tests?

source: Geekbench

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  1. That's pretty pathetic. On single core geekbench score, even with over 2 GHz SoC, it scores 1040 and still doesn't even come close to the Apple A7 SoC which scores 1300 and over. The apple A8 is even more powerful with around 1500 per core. Geekbench is actually a fully native CPU benchmark which doesn't depend at all on software. Geekbench also doesnt deoend on display size or density or even resolution. It ONLY tests cpu performance. Not graphics. So it's the most comparable benchmark between the platforms. Of course, the apple A8 and even the A7 run the more efficient ARM v8 instruction set which is about 25%more efficient than the ARM v7 instruction set that the nexus x/6 clearly still uses. A better benchmark score will be possible with the nexus 9 because it actually uses the new tegra k1 Denver 64 bit processor. Not because its 64 bit, but because it uses the new ARM v8 instruction set. I'll wait for the next nexus phone. Google is behind Apple on this phone, when it comes to hardware. The OS of course, has always been superior, and I can easily enjoy that on my nexus 7 2013 as well. 

  2. I don't want a huge phone!!. Give me the standard 5" size back!!

  3. 6" is way too big. Wonder how long the Nexus 5 can hold its own and how long inventory will be around if they drop pricing.


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