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HTC Nexus 9 Launch, Release Date & Price Revealed Ahead Of Official Announcement

Finally a good news for Google fans because insider claims that Google will be announcing its flagship Nexus 9 on October 15th with a release date of 3rd November. Last but not the least price tag is also revealed, insider further suggests that device will be available for $399.

Nexus 9 is expected will be featuring a 8.9 inches display with a Quad HD screen resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels. Although Nvidia didn’t made it clear whether 32 bit version or the 64 bit variant of Tegra K1 processor will be powering Nexus 9. From so far leaks and rumors 64 bit variant is expected because 64 bit will be better fit for Android L.
Tegra K1 chipset high point is that it emanates with a 192-shader Kepler GPU, which is currently ruling the graphics benchmark tests. Price tag of $399 is a bit high as compared to earlier models of Nexus tablet lineup. Last two Nexus 7 was released with a price tag around $300. High price tag clearly indicates we can expect a high end Nexus tab from HTC and Google.

At the end, good news for buyers is that Google Nexus 9 will be available from other retailers as well. Up till now Google play store is sole retailer of Nexus tab line-up. This might be the reason of low sales while for this year new retailers surely means a wider audience and great sales.

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