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HTC Officially Accepts Nexus 9 Its Return To The Tablet Market

Google’s upcoming Nexus 9 launch date is October 16th and as the pegged day is getting closer we have daily new news regarding Nexus 9 to make it headline. Nearly all gadget fans are keen to see the Nexus 9 and no doubt it’s one of the most anticipated device of this year. That is the main reason behind our increasing reports regarding the Nexus 9. Today what we have got is first official statement from HTC regarding the upcoming Nexus 9. HTC North Asia head Jack Tong recently revealed what is Nexus 9 for HTC.
HTC as manufacturer was nearly confirmed because since first day nearly all reports pointed HTC as manufacturer of Nexus 9. It’s not the first venture between Google and HTC, First Nexus Smartphone was contrived by HTC back in 2010. We all know that HTC backtracks from Tablet business since the failure of its tab line-up. Though the reason behind failure was mainly HTC’s tablet high price tag with immaturity of Google’s Android operating system.  
We will not discuss whatever the reason was but HTC hasn’t announce a single tablet in last few years. That’s why when HTC emerged as manufacturer everyone perceived this as interesting fact. Even HTC north Asia head recently in New York symbols HTC Nexus 9 as HTC’s pledge to return back to the tablet market.
He further suggests that HTC will be releasing Nexus 9 in Taiwan by the end of this year, for a reminder device also passed FCC few days ago. Now it’s official that HTC is indeed working on upcoming Nexus 9. The most interesting thing is that next year we can expect a HTC tablet after 3 years break. 

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