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Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Release Date Inching Closer: What US Buyers Need To Know Regarding Carriers

Samsung Galaxy Note edge release date seems getting closer because with each passing day we have new clues regarding the release of limited edition Galaxy Note edge. Recently we have news that Galaxy Note edge passed through the FCC and initially will be released through two carriers of US. These two carriers include AT&T and US cellular but later on US cellular denied that Note edge won’t be hitting their shelves.

FCC listing shows device with model “SM-N915A” indicates that indeed device is bound device of AT&T. Today once again we have details regarding new carriers who will be offering Galaxy Note edge and latest carrier spotted in the FCC filing is T-Mobile. So far only T-Mobile and AT&T are two confirmed carriers who will be releasing Note edge in few weeks.

As you can see in the below screen shot latest device passed though FCC model number is “SM-N915T” which means this device is bound to T-Mobile LTE bands12, 2 and 4 in that order.  
Although T-Mobile already confirmed that they will be carrying Note edge but recent listing gives us idea that release of device is much sooner than expected. As far as Sprint and Verizon are concern both are quite regarding the release of Note edge but we can expect their models will also pop-up in FCC listing in few days.
Nevertheless, a question for sure you want to ask whether both Galaxy Note edge and Galaxy Note 4 release in US will be at the same time or not. According to so far details both device release won’t be at the same time instead Galaxy Note edge release will be at least one month after the Galaxy Note 4.  Which device would you like buy on release of both aforementioned devices? Do Share your thoughts below with us. 

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