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Why Google is selling Nexus 6 in USA for $199 ?

No doubt, this year Google’s flagship Nexus 6 is one of the best phablet available in the market because of its not compromise high end Specs. Although Nexus 6 is too good on paper but still it raised a lot of question when Google announced Nexus 6 with a high price tag like traditional high end Smartphone. Google Nexus series is known for high end Smartphones with subsidized price tag but that’s not the case any-more.

Google Nexus strategy took U-turn of 180 degree because unsubsidised price tag of Nexus without contract is $649, while on two year contract it’s available on usual price tag. Good thing is Nexus 6 is first Nexus Smartphone available from all five major carriers of US. Recently Google Android engineering head said that “We are selling the Nexus 6 in a way most people are used to buying it
The main reason behind Google’s decision is that normally all high end Smartphones in USA are available for usual $199 for two year contract while stock Android Nexus Smartphones were available for $350 unlocked. Now $350 price tag is esteemed by Nexus fans but still majority customers prefer to pay $199 for high end Smartphone from their favorite carrier.  Google now wanted US customers to buy Stock Android Nexus 6 at $199 like they buy other flagship Smartphones.

One of the Google Nexus 6 product manager said that Nexus 6 is selling like hotcakes because of Google’s deliberate move to more perceptibility  in carrier stores. We have to wait for first sales number to see either Google trick works out or not.

source: CNET

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