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Android Lollipop Makes Silent Mode Disappear On phones

Well, if you are waiting for latest build of Android, we have details of one of the interesting story of Android 5.0 for your Nexus device. Those users who upgraded their Android version discovered that latest Android 5.0 makes the silent mode disappear from their devices.

In Android 4.4 KitKat when user lower the volume down to zero then eventually vibrate mode turns on and after that silent mode comes in. In Android 5.0, when user lower the volume button to zero then only vibration mode comes in, but there is no silent mode after that.  Strangely, Smartphones running Android 5.0 has silent mode disappeared but latest Nexus 9 slate has silent mode still working. But not in a typically way like Android 4.4 KitKat.
So far it’s not confirmed disappearing of silent mode is a bug or Android Lollipop is designed in this way. This Story will be confirmed once Google will start rolling out updates to Android Lollipop. Although there is a work around which allows user to silent their devices. When user hit the volume button to level 1 then they have to reboot their Smartphone, in this way they can set the silent mode in the same way like user are doing with Nexus 9.   

In Nexus 9, initially user have to lower the volume down to zero then hit the volume up button to first level to activate the silent mode. Yes, off course you have to reboot every time to activate the silent mode which is not feasible. We will let you know as soon as some more news regarding the matter hit our board, stay connected to know more. 
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