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Google Nexus 5, Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 will be receiving hands-free feature with Android 5.0

Recently, we have details regarding Google started rolling out Android 5.0 for its Nexus devices, but now rumours are swirling Google is rolling out a new feature to Nexus devices as well which is hands free feature. This feature will be quite similar to Motorola Moto X Touch less feature. In Moto X if you say “What’s up” it will fulfil your desire, you can also direct Moto X to read your device notifications.
It seems like hands free feature is indeed coming because Nexus devices which are running Android Lollipop showing hands free option in their voice menu. Although so far there is no toggle switch to turn it on or off but eventually it will change. On the other hand it’s not final when Google will be releasing hands free feature to its Nexus line-up.
Google will be sending “Always on” voice recognition feature to its Nexus 5, Nexus 6 and Nexus 9. With this feature device will be listening the code that user wants to search using Google search. Another interesting feature of Moto X Google will be sending to aforementioned devices will be Ambient display feature. This feature lights up the display of the device when user pick it up and also when notification comes in.

These features are assuredly a treat for Nexus 5, Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 users, we hope Nexus users of the aforementioned models will love it. 

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