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Google Nexus 6 Hands On: First Impression Review

Every iteration of Google Nexus Smartphone is always a big device, but this year flagship Nexus 6 is big device in every nous. This year flagship is manufactured by Motorola. Nexus 6 is first Smartphone which is featuring latest Android Lollipop pre-launch. Google used a gigantic Quad HD display of 5.9 inches to show the real power of Android L material design.
Although many experts were claiming this year Nexus is looking quite similar to Google’s owned Motorola flagship Moto X but on release one thing is clear Google kept the real magic for its Nexus brand.

Nexus 6 Specs sheet shows the real power of device which allows it to compete with other Android flagship Smartphones available in the market. I won’t be discussing Specs in detail because we already covered Specs many time. 

Nexus 6 is powered by Qualcomm’s latest 2.7 GHz quad core Snapdragon 805 processor with 3 GB of RAM and for furthering graphics Adreno 420 is also board.  Rear camera of Nexus 6 is 13MP with Optical Image Stabilization and rear camera can also record video of 4K quality.  In terms of connectivity Nexus 6 also supports 12 bands of LTE.

Nexus 6 display is of AMOLED type with black and saturated colors. Like other AMOLED display Nexus 6 display also shows a little graininess at low level of glare. Well, I must say because of its large display Nexus 6 is not favorable to use with one hand.  Nexus 6 dimensions are 6.27 x 3.15 x 0.15-0.39 inches. If you want to use Nexus 6 with one hand it won’t be easy because device is quite the palm putty.
Nexus 6 is larger and broader than Samsung’s flagship Galaxy Note 4 and Apple’s flagship iPhone 6 Plus. Although pointed edges of N6 gives an excellent effect but still device is big and thicker. If you hold Nexus 6 in your finger and tried to reach to the other side of display, you will reach maximum up to halfway of panel.
As Nexus 6 is first phablet from Google that’s why it is missing screen shrinking features that are built in Samsung TouchWiz OS, and even in Apple’s iOS 8. Google stock Android OS is lacking certain features which are necessary to increase the reachability feature for the phablet display.
Overall Android 5.0 material design is quite stunning and I am sure you will like it too because this iteration of Android OS is smoother than earlier versions. Google added couple of new animations that gives a newer feel overall.

On paper device is pretty powerful but I will discuss the real form-factor of this Nexus Smartphone in my full review.  I must say Nexus 6 makes multi-tasking feature much faster and rapid.

Despite of many Google fans were concern about the large display Nexus 6 but I am clear-cutting affirmative for the device because of its build quality and high end Specification which gives device a boost in terms of performance. Though price tag for Nexus 6 is a bit high as compared to last year Nexus 5 but Nexus 6 will prove its worth once you have this device in your hand. Full review of Nexus 6 will be available soon.   
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