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Google Nexus 6 Initially Featuring Tap-To-Wake: Google Disabled Before launch

This year flagship of Google was manufactured by the Motorola and no doubt this device is a beast, not only in terms of Size but also because of its specifications. As operating system device is running the latest Android Lollipop 5.0, with tons of new features.

Although many features are included in Nexus 6 but still there are couple of features that are missing and one of them is double tap to wake device. Google flagship tab Nexus 9 is packed with this feature.

Surprisingly, Initially Google Nexus 9 was also featuring tap to wake but later Google decided to eliminate it. Recently a code commit on Google’s website revealed the fact why Google eliminated this feature from Nexus 6. 

So far Google didn't revealed why Nexus 6 is not featuring tap to wake up feature. Google used “Ambient Display” for flagship Nexus 6, this display is comparable to Motorola’s Moto X Active display. Tap to wake up might be the reason of Nexus 6 is featuring “Ambient Display”.

Google released Nexus 6 to US market last week, recently device is released in UK market and it’s coming to other markets soon. Do Share your thoughts below if you booked the one and waiting for shipping of your pre-order.

source: Google 
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