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Google Nexus 6 is Featuring A Hidden LED Light Behind Top Speakers

Although Google loves notifications lights for its hardware Nexus devices, but tech giant didn’t use them frequently. Google never advertise that their Nexus device is featuring LED light for notification. Same is the case with Nexus 6, Motorola manufactured latest nexus Smartphone is also packed with LED light for notification, but Google never mentioned it. Although it’s not useful unless you rooted your device.

Google recently released Nexus 6 LED light is in pretty odd place, because Motorola placed it behind the top front speakers grill. Nexus 6 LED light is full RGB, but it will be useless unless your device is rooted. Nexus 6 root users can choose different colours to display their favourite LED LIGHT.

This LED feature is not new for Motorola Smartphones users because all Droid and Moto X series Smartphone has hidden LED Light feature. In Motorola Smartphone LED light blinks to indicate battery is dead to such extent that it won’t be possible to turn on display of the device. Although Google didn't
mentioned LED light but light is in there. 

source: XDA
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