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How To Build Android App Successfully: Google Releases An 80 Pages Manual

Google Android platform is more open than any other OS available in the market and openness of Android is one of the reason of its success. Openness of Google Android is also expressed in its Play Store. Policing of Apple Play Store is much less than Apple Play Store, and it’s much easy to upload Android App than Apple iOS App.
Android developers are not restricted to upload unconventional apps, though it’s a nice platform for developers but on the other hand it also allows developers to upload lots of terrible apps. Google Play Store is full of lot of games and convenient Apps but we should admit it many of apps are left to die in irrelevance. If builder App fails to get featured on tech websites it won’t be possible for Apps to survive without getting highlighted. Many useful Apps are covered by garbage because of not getting noticed.

Google always appreciates its Android developer’s community, that’s why Google released an 80 pages guide for those Apps builders who’s Apps are not well known. Google named this guide as "The Secrets to App Success on Google Play".

Google manual includes the key points that developers should to build a successful App. These essential points are Alpha, Beta testing of App before release. Developers should release updates frequently and at the end Material designs concept should be used to ensure development of quality App. If you want to read manual source link is given below.

source: Google 
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