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Google Nexus 6 Hands-on: 7 Things You Need to Know

This year Google Nexus Smartphone dragged a few surprises on its launch, No one was expecting a gigantic display Nexus 6 with all high end Specs and high end price tag which was not normal for the Nexus series. Recently we have our first impression hands on regarding the much anticipated Nexus 6. Today we will take a look on top seven things that all Nexus 6 buyers need to know.
Google started taking pre-orders for Nexus 6 on October 29th but surprisingly sold out in nearly 10 minutes. Many Nexus buyers were disappointed because of pre-order problem but Google assured those who missed the pre-order can get a device from all five major carriers.
Up till now Google Nexus series was known because of impressive specs with a price cut but this year Nexus 6 is a flagship device with premium features like other Android flagships. Price tag is a bit high but still is low as compared to other companies’ flagship prices.  Final release date for Nexus 6 is still unconfirmed, but we will discuss what we know about release date plans of Google.
It’s Gigantic & Impressive:
The Nexus 6 is first phablet from Google featuring a gigantic display of 5.9 inches with a quad HD screen resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. Many our readers were asking about brightness level of screen. I must say though display is big but still quality is crispy and colors are exciting. LG G3 was the first Quad HD display for many users but in my view Nexus 6 display is bright and better than G3 Quad HD and even comparable to Samsung’s Note 4 display. 
Nexus 6 is one of the biggest phone available in the market, even bigger than its competitors of phablet niche. Motorola embedded the dual front facing speakers which give device an impressive overall look. Google recently stated that if you give phablet to normal Smartphone users, nearly 50 % of them won’t be going back to their normal Smartphones instead will prefer the phablet.
Holding Nexus 6
Although many Nexus fans were disappointed because of large display but Nexus 6 is easy to hold despite of its large display. Motorola introduced delicate bends which helps to hold 5.9 inches display in an easy way. Many were thinking it won’t be easy to carry huge Smartphone with one hand but actually it’s hassle-free.
Although Nexus 6 is easy to hold but still it’s not a single hand use Smartphone, for many tasks you have to use two hands. That’s for undisputable. The material used on rear side design is not slippery at all, that’s why users won’t have to take tension of dipping it. It feels great in hand and soon user will get use to of it.
More Attractive Than Moto X
No doubt, Nexus 6 took design cues from Moto X and at first look it looks larger variant of Moto X. Nexus 6 is not available with wooden backs and leather rear cover but Nexus 6 has touch of Motorola’s Soft design.
Many features in Nexus 6 makes it more alluring than Moto X, of course because of its high end camera, stock Android and last but not the least gigantic quad HD display. I will be discussing more features in my full hands on review of the device.
Android Lollipop
The Nexus 6 is pre-loaded with latest build of stock Android Lollipop. Other Nexus and non-Nexus fans have to wait for few more days to get this update. Latest version of Android is running wonderfully smooth. All animations of latest OS are running effortlessly.
Google updated Android with a new material design, and simply it looks great in usage because initially user might think its 3D type OS. I will be discussing more tweaks of latest Android OS in my full review.  
Massive Battery
Google Nexus series usually lacks the best camera available in the market, same is the case with battery. In Nexus 6 Google solved the both issues because Nexus 6 gigantic display is powered by a huge 3220 mAh battery which surely will give Nexus 6 users monster battery life. Google also included the Turbo charger which allows users to use device for 8 hours on charging of 15 minutes.
True High End Camera
Last year Nexus 5 was packed with 8 MP with OIS but we know it was not the best camera available in the market, this year flagship Nexus 6 is packed with 13MP rear camera with OIS (optical image stabilization). Rear camera also featuring dual LED flash for capturing photos in low light.
Size aside, the Nexus 6 is a stunner. This is the best Nexus smartphone to date, and possibly the best smartphone of all of 2014. It has everything a buyer wants or needs. Big display, check. Front facing speakers, check. Excellent battery life (hopefully), check. You get the point. Add in an extremely powerful quad-core processor with 3GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, and a blazing fast charger so you’ll never have to worry about your battery running low. What else do you need?
Release date:
Everyone wants to know when they can Nexus 6 in their hands, T-Mobile recently stated that they will be launching Nexus 6 on Nov 12th, We can expect other carriers will also rapidly overdue. Those buyers who pre-ordered Nexus 6 from Play Store will be getting device on Nov 21st. Nearly 30 countries will be getting device by the end of this month. 
These are top 7 things that in our view buyers should need to know, Stay connected because we will be sharing full hands on review of Nexus 6 in few days. Don’t forget to share your questions and thoughts with us below.

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