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OnePlus Sold Out Half Million OnePlus One Units: Still Trying To Meet Demand

OnePlus had a terrific start to sell their flagship Smartphones. OnePlus founder Carl Pei explains why it’s not easy to get OnePlus One. He said margin on flagship OnePlus One is pretty thin, the trick behind low supply is that they wanted to make sure when they halt supply there isn’t much inventory left. So that they won’t face loss like blackberry.
Cal pei further explains that Sales of OnePlus One are much higher than they envisioned. He said initially they planned 30, 000 units as goal, 50, 000 units as a good and 100,000 would be great.
"Sooner or later, it's going to stop, and we don't want to be caught with too much inventory. With no margins, we can't have a situation where we have too many units and we'll have to discount them. For us, the first year was about survival. We understand it's been really hard to buy."-Carl Pei, founder, OnePlus

Currently OnePlus shipped nearly half million units of their flagship Smartphone, and they are now aiming for a hallmark of 1 million devices before end of this year. OnePlus sells directly to end user, that’s why shipping units are equal to sold units.   
OnePlus producing only to meet the demand with supply. BlackBerry business model is also same like OnePlus. They are also producing BlackBerry passport to limited number, so that they won’t face sales loss like last year Z10. In 2013 BlackBerry lost $2.7 billion because of low sales and high production.
OnePlus One is enjoying high sales because manufacturers created the demand of the device, and now are working on supply. 

source: PCMag
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