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Samsung Galaxy S6 Rumours Roundup : Everything You Need To Know

Samsung Galaxy S6 rumors start swirling again and as per latest leaks Samsung is working on a whole new category for its upcoming flagship Galaxy S6. Samsung is not known for metal designs but now Samsung is also releasing Smartphones with metal rims, and recently launched Galaxy A Series is the example of Samsung new trend. Samsung Mobile business is crumbling and last two quarters profit rates are much lower than expected, Now it seems Samsung has do certain steps to regain its position as number one Android Smartphone Manufacturer in the world.

From recent developments, one thing is sure it seems Samsung is probing up for metal designed Smartphones. Samsung surely realized the power of metal designed Smartphone, and now started releasing high end Smartphone with metal grills, we can expect same kind of premium fell in Samsung flagship line-up also.
Samsung is also working on single word naming convention, Now a days buyers don’t wanted a length name like we have seen couple of years ago of Galaxy S Epic 4G Touch. Now Samsung shortened these name to just Note iteration model like recently released Galaxy Note4.  

Internally, Samsung is referring Galaxy S6 project as "Project Zero." This shows how much Samsung is taking this project as rebirth or restart. As far as Specs are concern, nothing is official but we will take a look on what next Galaxy flagship Smartphone is supposed to have on board. Here is the list

Display Resolution
Quad HD (2560 x1440 pixels)
Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 (64 bit)
Exynos 7420 (64 bit)
Rear Camera
16MP with OIS
Front camera
Operating System
Android 5.0 TouchWiz
Memory Storage
32 minimum 128 Maximum with SD Card

Do Share your thoughts below what do you think about GS6, What are you expectation from Samsung’s upcoming GS6?
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