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Top 10 Smartphones Manufacturers in Third quarter of 2014

Digitimes released a search report regarding the top Smartphone manufacturer of 3rd quarter of 2014. As per Digitimes research Samsung is currently ruling the Smartphone manufacturers, while Apple is on second possible followed by another Korean giant LG.

In Top three two positions are grasp by South Korean giant manufacturers. Three Chinese giant manufacturers are also in top 10. Fourth position is hold by Huawei, Xiaomi is on fifth while Lenovo is on 7th position. In terms of shipment development, Xiaomi is leading aforementioned three Chinese manufacturers.  Surprisingly ZTE disappeared from the top ten list.     

Although Samsung is leading, but it is facing stiff completion from Apple and LG. Low sales of this year flagship Galaxy S5 also lower the leading thread. Samsung need to reinvent its flagship Smartphone strategy in order to regain its position of top Smartphone vendor.

Second position is holded by Cupertino based Apple. Apple both flagship iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are on success track and recent reports shows Apple revenues are so boosted that this quarter revenue shows highest growth rate as compared to last seven quarters. Latest leaks suggested Apple is currently working on dual lens camera which will enhance the quality of rear camera somehow nearer to DSLR.

This year flagship G3 was a great success for LG and it puts LG profits on an upward course. LG sold out 16.8 million Smartphone units in third quarter of 2014. Last quarter was ranked as the highest profitable quarter since 2009.  LG fans can expect a strong successor of LG G3 in 2015.

Digitimes concluded that this year final count of shipments will be 1.219 billion units while researchers expects a 22% on year growth in 2015. In this case we can expect final count will be 1.488 billion units.  

source: Digitimes
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