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Top 6 Reasons To Buy Nexus 6 over Galaxy Note 4

If you are planning to buy a flagship in few days and confused among recently released two flagships Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Nexus 6. We can help you because many buyers are confused among the two aforementioned devices. Initially we will share top 6 reasons to buy Google flagship Nexus 6 over Samsung Galaxy Note 4. 

In coming articles we will also share top 6 reasons to buy Galaxy Note 4 over Nexus 6.  Let’s have a look on top 6 reasons to buy Nexus 6. 

1 Display:

Google recently released flagship Nexus 6 is of 5.96 inches display while Samsung recently released Galaxy Note 4 is of 5.7 inches display. Both device are featuring Quad HD display. But Samsung Note 4 display is slightly smaller than Nexus 6. Nexus 6 display is 4.56% bigger than its competitor. 

2: Stereo & Front Facing Speakers

This year Nexus device is manufactured by Motorola that’s why this year Nexus took design cues from Motorola’s flagship Moto X. Nexus 6 is featuring stereo speakers which will enhance the sound quality and will deliver better sound for music, movies and games. Like HTC’s flagship Nexus 6 is featuring front facing speakers which provides users a better sound.

3: Update

Google Nexus device has an edge of getting direct update from Google. Nexus devices are the first devices to get stock version of latest Android build. Nexus 6 will also get latest update from Google. On the other hand Samsung Note 4 buyers have to wait at least 3 months to get the latest build of Android OS.

4: Dual-LED Flash

It has a dual-led flash led lights with all different color temperatures, delivering a better color balance to photos and videos.

5: Turbo Charger

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is missing Turbo charger feature. Nexus 6 is packed with Turbo charger. Turbo charger charges Nexus 6 for 6 hours with-in 15 minutes only.

6: Curved Design

Nexus 6 is featuring a curved design which makes the edge thinner. Curved design allows user to use device with one hand. Edge design makes device easy to hold.

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