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LG to Launch First 4G Watch G Watch R2 AT MWC 2015

This year nearly all giant manufactures joined the Smart-watch manufacturing game, but it seems in next year this game will become more interesting. Apple announced its iWatch with a release in 2015 while many others are getting ready to release sequel of their Android Smartwatch.

LG is one of the manufacturer that shows their interest in manufacturing new Android Smartwatch. This year LG introduced two Smartwatch one was named as LG G watch while other was G Watch R. As per latest leak LG is working on a 
new 4G watch which will be launched at Mobile World Congress event.
Business Korea sources revealed that LG will be announcing first 4G enabled watch at MWC 2015. This Smartwatch will be released as LG G Watch R2, which suggests this Smatwatch will be successor of G Watch R.  

We can't be sure what will be the final design of this gadget, but it seems Samsung 3G Gear will have to face some stiff from LG Gear. Current Gear models are suffering poor battery life, We can expect LG will be taking steps to solve this issue. 

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