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Top Three Smartphones of 2014

Today is last day of 2014, and it’s our turn to share about which devices are among top three in our Smartphone list. Well, how much Smartphones released worldwide this year, it’s not an easy task to calculate. But we know which flagship devices ruled gadget fans heart. Recently we had given chance to our readers to decide by a poll for which device they think is the best Smartphone of the year.

Today we will fulfil our promise of which Smartphone we at Techdefault think deserve to be in top three. Our list is not biased at all, instead statics shows these devices really deserve to be in top three. Let’s have a look on top three one by one.

Apple iPhone 6 

We must admit it was not easy to pick which device will be on top spot, reason behind is pretty simple we have plenty of devices racing for this spot. In our opinion Apple flagship iPhone 6 deserve this spot, of course you can argue that many Smartphones has better Specs than this year Apple flagship but user experience of Apple makes iPhone 6 great.

Although iPhone 6 is lacking in camera and screen resolution from many devices but still its well design and built quality made it shine on top. Apple iPhone 6 is pretty reliable and pretty easy to operate because of harmony of device hardware and software.

We can claim that iPhone 6 does well for what it is assembled for. Although it’s not a perfect phone lacking few features but still device reaches closer to perfections point.

Motorola Droid Turbo 

Second device in our list is from Motorola, Motorola Droid Turbo is no doubt one of best available hardware in the market. Device has all features to get the buyers attention.

Device is featuring Quad HD display which is currently best screen resolution available in the market. Droid Turbo is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 805 chipset. In terms of camera device is featuring 20.7MP rear camera, it’s the best camera which is equipped by top premium Smartphone available today. Overall, build quality and premium specs makes this device stand out of the competition. In US only Verizon is offering this device but I am sure device awesomeness will force you to switch.


We must admit LG is improving as far as its Smartphones are concern because G3 was much improved and quite worthy successor of last year G2. LG released its flagship in June and since then it’s one of the best Smartphone available in the market.

LG G3 was the first Quad HD display Smartphone of this year, its high resolution enticed Smartphone buyers. Although device is 5.5 inches but still its pretty easy to hold with one hand. This year LG released Android Lollipop much earlier than users were expecting. LG is no doubt one of the best Smartphone which offers best value for buyer’s money.

Do share your thoughts below which Smartphone do you think deserve position in top three spot and we missed it. We’d love to hear from you.
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