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Which Android Smartphone is the Phone of the Year?: Cast Your Vote

Well, 2015 is coming in less than two week and nearly all manufacturers released their flagship devices for this year. No doubt, this year was pretty solid for not only buyers but also for manufacturers.  

Apple released two flagship devices this year. There are couple of really great Smartphones which were released in this year. Some of them will be unforgettable in a couple of upcoming years.

Although all giant Android manufacturers Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG, Google and Motorola released their flagships but we still need to figure out which device came out on top in this year.

Devices from all major players were appreciated this year and we don’t have to face difficulty in finding supporters of aforementioned companies’ flagships.  Samsung has to face few difficulties in terms of sales because their 2014 flagship Galaxy S5 sales were not up to Korean giant expectation. But that doesn't indicate Galaxy S5 was not successful.

LG’s G3 was the first quad HD smartphone of this year, later on other companies joined this race as well.  New company OnePlus released their first flagship which was quite successful because people have to wait much to get this device.

First two quarters of 2014 was ruled by Samsung, Sony and HTC. In third quarter LG and Motorola released their impressive devices. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 and Nexus 6 was the limelight of last two quarters of 2014. There were tons of options available for buyers, every device has selling feature in it.

In couple of days, we will list the top flagships of this year but for now, we want to know the Techdefault readers phone of this year. Do share your thoughts in the poll below. 

Which Android Smartphone is the Phone of the Year?
Galaxy S5
Galaxy Note 4
Nexus 6
Moto X2
Xperia Z3
OnePlus One
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