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HTC One M9 20MP Rear Camera Confirmed By Leak Samples

No doubt this week is a busy week as far as HTC's upcoming flagship rumours are concern. In last few days, we have hefty amount of rumours regarding the upcoming flagship from HTC. Although many details of device are already leaked but few of them are yet to be confirmed and one of them is camera of the upcoming device.

Last two year HTC’s flagship M7 and M8 features UltraPixel camera and that’s one of the reason many buyers ditches HTC’s flagship because of under performing camera, but rumours of this year indicates that HTC will be using a new rear snapper for M9.

Camera improvement of M9 is one of the major improvement HTC will be doing in this year flagship device. Today we have few professed camera samples which confirms that M9 will be featuring a 20MP rear camera. These alleged images are taken by a HTC employee, interestingly two devices are used in taking these photos. First device is "HTC 0PJA10" and "HTC 0PJA13".

Two code names indicates HTC might be introducing a One M9 plus version too, Normal variant as Hima while plus version as Hima Plus. Resolution of these images are 3,024 x 5,376 pixels. Resolution indicates pictures captured by a 16MP camera but source suggests these images are gathered to fit in 16:9 ratio. That’s why images resolution suggests 16MP camera.

Do Share your thoughts below regarding the photos sample allegedly taken from the upcoming M9. 

source: Phandroid  

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