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LG Comments the G3 Successor Will Be G4 At CES 2015

From last few weeks, we have couple of rumours regarding the name of upcoming successor model of LG G3. LG fans are keen to know what successor model of G3 will be named. Recently folks at TrustedReviews approached LG’s corporate communication director to know the name of the successor device of G3 and he suggested that upcoming device will be named as G4.

Well interesting part of this communication is that LG seems will be experimenting something new with the G4. He said “If you look at the specs only, there are other competitors with similar-spec phones. How do you stand out in that pile if you’re not doing something different?" This is clear indication that Korean giant is planning to experiment with its high end lineup and G4 will be the first device.

He further told “I don’t think we are going to be able to sit back and expect people are just going to fawn over the G4, or whatever the name will be, just because they liked the G3. I don’t think it works that way any more. I don’t think people are as loyal on the Android side as they are on the iOS side, so you really have to win every customer with your products.

It’s great to know that LG is working on something new with its high end lineup. No doubt last two flagships G2 and G3 were successful but it’s good that LG know that they have to do something extra in order to compete with other flagship Smartphones. I am sure, LG flagship will get more attention if they release their upcoming flagship with more convincing design and features.

source: TrustedReviews
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