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LG G Flex 2 Pics Leaked Ahead of official Announcement

LG G Flex 2 launch is just around the corner, Korean giant will be unveiling its second curved Smartphone in about six hours from now. Recently we have seen G Flex 2 banners at CES place which not only confirms the launch of the device but also confirmed the name.  

LG will be holding the press conference in couple of hours and G Flex 2 will be among the devices which will be unveiled today. According to recent report from Taiwanese media, LG G Flex 2 will be capable of sustaining flexing up to 90 degrees. They not only revealed that but also revealed couple of photos of pink G Flex 2.


LG already revealed that their idea behind G Flex was to create a bendable Smartphone which can withstand external pressure to some extent. LG also coated this smartphone with self-healing material which works well if user fulfils the pre-conditions.

As per earlier reports G Flex 2 won’t be straying much from its predecessor but will be having improved aforementioned features. G Flex coated self-healing material allows device to sustain bend to nearly 90 degrees which is pretty good, if reports are accurate.

We can confirm about these reports in few hours from now, till then stay connected and do share your thoughts below regarding the G Flex 2.

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