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LG G2 Video Of Running Android 5.0.1

So far we have seen alleged videos of Samsung’s flagship Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy S5 running latest version of TouchWiz. Recently we have seen video of LG’s flagship G3 running latest build of Android OS Lollipop. 

Few days earlier we have seen alleged photos of G2 running latest build of Android and today we have video of LG’s 2013 flagship G2 running the latest build Android 5.0.1.

Like we have seen in G3, this update brings couple of new features of multitasking to the device. With the latest build of Android OS on board, user can quickly jump into any app and can close it with a single tap on the display.

The video of LG G2 running latest build of Android Lollipop is filmed by 2013 Samsung’s flagship Galaxy Note 3 and it covers a quick tour of Lollipop update on G2. Well, if you are user of G2 and still waiting for the update then you can take on look on the video below to see what LG will be offering you in terms of Android Lollipop update. 

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