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Windows 10 for Smartphones Alleged Images leaked In China

Well if you are windows fan and waiting for Windows 10 for your Smartphones, we have good news for you because recently alleged images of Windows 10 for Phones leaked from China. Leaked Images consist of a new Start screen for next version of Windows mobile OS.

Header written on image is in Chines which spell as "start" and "office," in that order. Second image is the setting page of windows 10 Mobile OS. So far these images not confirmed by officials that’s why we can’t be sure regarding the authenticity of these images.

First look at the image shows that Xbox tile is glowing and is as solid as it can be. On the other hand if these images are legit then translation of the setting image suggests that users can do several changes to the cellular radio to enhance and save the battery life of the device

We don’t have to wait much to confirm the authenticity of these images because Microsoft is holding an event on January 21st in which they will be unveiling Windows 10 version of their mobile operating system for Smartphones. Microsoft will be holding this event at Redmond.

Source: Weibo
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