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5 Things We Can Expect From Both Galaxy S6 & One M9

Both Samsung and HTC will be unveiling their flagships on March 1st. An important day for both giants because success of flagships will set the path for both companies in 2015. HTC will be unveiling its flagship One M9 while Samsung will be unveiling its flagship Galaxy S6.

Last year flagships from both Samsung and HTC were very different but that’s not the case for this year. As per latest leaks and rumours there are number of features that both devices are expected to have in common. Let me clear that we are talking about regular flagships not the One M9 plus or Galaxy S Edge.  We have enlisted only five of them, of course these are not confirmed until both companies unveil their devices.

1: Metal designs

Samsung released two teasers so far, one of them was highlighting metal frame of upcoming flagship. Galaxy S6 will be the first Samsung flagship device to have metal body. Rumours suggests GS6 will be pretty thin around 7mm.

HTC One M9 will also have metal unibody design but it won’t be as slim as Samsung GS6 rumoured. Well we have to wait few more days to bring both devices next to each other to see which one looks prettier.

2: Octa-core processors

The Samsung Galaxy S6 was initially rumoured to have Qualcomm’s Octa core processor but now it’s confirmed that GS6 will be using its own Octa core Exynos 7420.

On the other hand HTC One M9 will be using Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 processor to power the device. Once again it’s not possible to comment which will be faster.  

3. Rear camera

Samsung last year flagship Galaxy S5 was packed with 16MP camera, so for sure this year device will receive upgrade. Galaxy S6 is expected with 20MP camera.

HTC so far used Ultra Pixel rear camera but for this year flagship One M9 Taiwanese giant will be introducing a dramatic change because this year device is expected with 20MP.  

4. Front-facing cameras

Now a days, buyers give importance to front facing camera. A great front facing camera is a must feature of flagship Smartphone.

This year both Samsung and HTC’s flagships will be having 5MP wide lens front facing camera. Samsung GS6 most probably will be having same 5MP like we have seen on Galaxy Note 4.

5. Power saving Approaches

Buyers usually prefer those Smartphones which provides a better battery life. Samsung recently introduced Extreme Power Saving Mode which enhance the battery life and device works for few hours even on 5 percent. Samsung GS6 is expected to have 2800mAh battery.
HTC is also keen to provide its customers a better battery life that’s why they introduced Ultra Power Saving Mode. HTC One M9 will be having 2900 mAh battery. 

We can’t favour anyone but you can that’s why do share your thoughts below which device do you believe will be better?

Which device do you believe will be better ?

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HTC One M9
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