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Android 5.1 Release Date Revealed : When You Can Expect

The most important news of this month is Google will be releasing next iteration of Android 5.0 pretty soon. Although Google didn't announce it officially but in last few days Android 5.1 spotted couple of times and mostly on Android One devices. As mentioned above Google didn't announce it officially so far that’s why many features of this update yet to be highlighted by Google.

So far reports suggests this update will be a bug fix update with couple of small features. Every Nexus user is keen to know when their device will receive OTA Android 5.1 from Google, well answer of this question hinted from Mo Versi latest tweet. According to Mo Versi this update is coming in March.

Recently a Twitter user asks Mo about the update for One M7 Google Play Edition that fixes the cap buttons lights. Mo replied that this bug fix is tied to Google’s next Maintenance Release which will be in March. Interestingly HTC M7 GPE didn’t receive Android 5.0.2 that’s why there are chances Android 5.1 will be the bug fix release for M7 GPE and other Nexus devices.

Up till now Android 5.1 is the only expected update which is leaked in the wild, In this context Mo is clearly referring Android 5.1 as the next maintenance release from Google. Android 5.1 will hit the Nexus and GPE devices pretty sooner than later.  

We all know that Android Lollipop was the major update, despite of the fact it brings interesting changes and complete overhaul of User Interface but still there are few stability issues with this update. Google should release update with everything right but it’s good to see tech giant is keen to fix the bugs to improve the performance of Android Lollipop.

Source :MO VERSI
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