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Google Is Coming To MWC 2015 With Project Ara Modules

According to latest rumours about Project Ara, Google will be bringing some parts of its modular phone at the Mobile World Congress event. Rumours suggests 50 components of modular phone will be displayed at the event.

Although all of them won’t be in working condition, but majority of the modular handset modules will be in complete working version at the display. Many Google fans will be happy to see the modular phone of project Ara which will allow them to upgrade the hardware specs of Smartphone including RAM, display, Camera, GPU by simply removing the old components and inserting the new one.  

Recently Toshiba VP and chief Technology officer said that they partnered with Einfochips to produce the processors for modular handsets. They further said currently there are two version of modular phone are designed, the spiral one and spiral Two. Third variant Spiral 3 is in works. Both Spiral 2 and Spiral 3 will be offered to customers very soon.

Modules for project Ara modular phone will range from $50 to $500. From look of things it seems Google wanted to take its project Ara as far as it can. We have to wait for MWC event to know what Google will be offering at the event. Stay connected to know more. 

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