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LG G4 Announcement Will Be In April, Release Pegged For May 2015

I am sure, many of you have been wondering why we don’t have much rumours regarding the next flagship from LG when MWC 2015 is just two week away. In last few weeks nearly all rumours are regarding the Samsung’s 2015 flagship Galaxy S6 and Taiwanese giant HTC flagship One M9. Well you don’t have to wonder anymore because according to latest report from Korea Times LG will be revealing its flagship G4 in April. Last year LG announced G3 on May 28th.  

Main reason behind LG’s plan of releasing G4 is April is they know that Samsung and HTC announce their flagships in first half of the year. On the other hand Apple launch its flagship in second half of the year. LG wanted to attain spotlight that’s why they wanted time in between these two half to get as much focus as possible.

Before this rumours, One of the LG’s exec told media, we released last year G3 in May that’s why we have no plans to unveil G3 successor G4 at the MWC event. Second reason he given that we need more time to perfect our 2015 flagship.

If we add latest rumours and LG’s exec explanation, it seems LG wanted to launch its 2015 flagship before waiting for a full year of G3. MWC was earlier rumoured and declined by LG, In that case end of April is the only Option for LG to unveil G4. Sony is also missing MWC 2015, so we can expect both G4 and Xperia Z4 launch nearly at the same time, so the competition will be impassioned again once both launch their flagships. 

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