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Samsung Galaxy S6 & S Edge Release Date Allegedly Leaked

Samsung upcoming flagship Galaxy S6 launch date is confirmed and all of us already know that this year Samsung will be releasing two flagships one will be normal Galaxy S6 while second will be Galaxy S Edge. Both devices will be unveiled on March 1st at MWC Barcelona.

All we know is launch date, everyone wants to know about releasing plan of Samsung for this year flagships. Last year flagship Galaxy S5 was announced on February 24th with a release on April 11th 2014.

We can expect same will follow the same routine what they followed last year i.e. release of device after one month of unveiling. On the other hand HTC One M9 launch is also on March 1st. Both giants will be trying to release their Smartphone first, so that they can get the limelight.

Samsung will try to release early so that they can reclaim the crown. Well today folks at PhoneArena got leaked document from Samsung employee which suggests the alleged release date for both Galaxy S6 and S Edge. According to leaked document Samsung employees are bound to work on March 22nd – March 30th and also on April 19th till April 27th. These are blackout days which are mandatory days for work.

It seems first date is for the release of Galaxy S6 while second dates are for release of Galaxy S Edge. At the end, we must accept nothing is official at the moment but this leak seems legit. We will keep you updated as soon as some more news regarding the release hit our panel. 
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