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Samsung Galaxy S6 Will Pack 2600 mAh Capacity Battery

In last few days, we have tons of rumours and leaks regarding the upcoming flagship from Samsung. Everyone is keen to know about the details regarding the GS6. So far we have rumours that GS6 will be having 2600 mAh battery to power up the device and today we have a snapshot which confirmed the 2600 mAh battery rumour.

These pictures came from Weibo blogosphere, you can clearly see that capacity of battery is 2600 mAh and model number of these batteries is EB-BG925ABE. Replacement batteries of last year flagship Galaxy S5 on Amazon are listed with model number EB-BG900BBC, there is fair chances that these batteries are for this year Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S Edge.


Although it’s not sure whether these batteries are replacement batteries or these are for sales variants. Even though it is lower than last year flagship but you don’t have to be worry with 2600 mAh capacity battery for GS6 because as we all know GS6 Exynos 14nm chip-set is quite battery efficient. So at the end it will not disappoint you at all.

There are rumours that Samsung will be introducing a new polymer technology for wireless charging in this year flagship GS6.  That’s why Samsung fans don’t have to be worry regarding the stability of GS6 with 2600 mAh battery.

source: Weibo 
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