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The Best Samsung Galaxy S6 photo So far: Looks Incredible

Samsung is leaking teaser of its upcoming flagship Galaxy S6 in last few days. Samsung wants to remain in limelight till unveiling ceremony of Galaxy S6. In each teaser Samsung focused on one thing to lure the Samsung fans. What we have today is the beast teaser photo of upcoming Galaxy S6, this teaser image is on T-Mobile website.

This page on T-Mobile not only offers a beautiful image but also exaggerated by the defiant words “Six Appeal” and a reminder to check back on March 1st. It seems in USA T-Mobile will be offering pre-order for Galaxy S6 soon after the unveiling announcement.

Well it looks like image in T-Mobile teaser is the Edge variant of Galaxy S6. This variant took curved sides design cues from the recently released Galaxy Note Edge. It appears that display is garnished with metal and shiny chrome which looks pretty attractive.
You can take a look on the device in full glory by clicking the source link below. Let us know, does these new images change your expectations for the upcoming Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S Edge or Not?

Source : T-Mobile

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