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What If LG Manufacture Nexus 5 2015 Version

Google last year flagship Nexus 6 is not too old but gadget lovers starts hoping for next flagship of this year.  Last year Google’s flagship was manufactured by Motorola, despite of the fact device sells well but still many Nexus lovers miss Nexus 5 because of its display size.

Nexus 6 was featuring a gigantic display which was not luring for many Nexus lovers that’s why many Nexus fans were disappointed and hopes that in 2015 Google will launch a smaller version of its Nexus 6. Nexus 5 is still on sale because Google didn't want to lose those customers who are not willing to buy Nexus device with a gigantic display above 5 inches.

Few weeks earlier we had a beautiful render of if Nexus 5 was manufactured by HTC in 2014. Today once again we have another beautiful concept from Nexus lover who still hopes Google might release Nexus 5 2015 version and this version will be manufactured by LG again like Nexus 4 and Nexus 5.

Concept builder expects Google Nexus 5 version will have bump in specs and improved battery life. Although it’s just a concept but I am sure it will attract those Nexus fans who wants to buy Nexus 5 in 2015 with improved specification and design.  Enjoy and share your thoughts below regarding the concept.  
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